XIV International symposium

Radiation from
Relativistic Electrons
in Periodic Structures

VIII International Conference

Electron, Positron, Neutron and
X-ray Scattering under External Influences


Dear Colleagues,

The XIV International Symposium "Radiation from Relativistic Electrons in Periodic Structures" & " Electron, Positron, Neutron and X-ray Scattering under External Influences" will be held in Tsaghkadzor, Republic of Armenia, September 18-22, 2023, and is organized by Organized by the Institute of Applied Problems of Physics NAS of Armenia.


Tsaghkadzor, Republic of Armenia


Monday to Friday
18-22 September

Symposium topics

  • e-/e+ beams interaction in solids

    • General Properties of Radiation from Relativistic Particles
    • Transition Radiation, Cherenkov Radiation
    • Parametric X–ray Radiation, Channeling Radiation
    • Diffraction Radiation, Smith–Purcell Effect
    • Coherent Bremsstrahlung and Electron–Positron Pair Creation in Crystals

  • X–ray and neutron scattering in crystals

    • X–ray and Neutron Scattering under the External Influences
    • X–ray and Neutron Imaging
    • X–ray and Neutron Small Angle Scattering
    • X–ray Based Optics and Diffractometry

  • e/e+, X–ray, THz, and neutron based applications

    • Interaction of Particles Beams with Artificial Structures
    • Control of Parameters of Plasma by Acoustic Superlattices
    • Radiation Processes and Material Science
    • Novel Positron Sources
    • THz generation and applications

Programme Committee

P.A. Aleksandrov, X. Artru, A. Aryshev, V.A. Bushuev, S. Dabagov, H. Deng, L.Sh. Grigoryan, P. Karataev, V.R. Kocharyan, A.S. Kubankin, G. Kube, M. Kuriki, N.V. Marchenkov, S. Mazzoni, A.H. Mkrtchyan, A.P. Potylitsyn, D.V. Roshchupkin, A.A. Saharyan, A.R. Wagner, W. Wagner.

Organizing Committee

L.R. Aloyan,A.K. Atanesyan, D.E. Bagdasaryan, A.V. Bogdanov, A.A. Danghyan, H.F. Khachatryan, V.R. Kocharyan, T.R. Muradyan, A.P. Potylitsyn, L.V. Puzyrevich, A.A. Saharyan, M.S. Vasilyan

Preliminary Schedule





Sunday, Sept., 17


Welcome Party

Monday, Sept.,18

Registration, Opening and
Plenary Session

Oral Session

Poster Session

Tuesday, Sept., 19

Oral Session

Oral Session

Poster Session

Wednesday, Sept., 20

Oral Session



Thursday, Sept., 21

Oral Session

Oral Session

Symposium Dinner

Friday, Sept., 22

Oral Session



Saturday, Sept., 23



Transportation and accommodation

Accommodation will be arranged at the Yerevan State University Hotel in Tsaghkadzor (45 km from Yerevan). Accommodation conditions can be found on the website. Student's accommodation (double or triple rooms) with some discount will be available (upon request). Please reserve rooms at registration (the cost will include lunches and dinners). Transportation from/to Zvartnots airport will be provided by the ''RREPS-23'' and ''Meghri-23'' Organizing Committee.


Social program

Welcome Party will be held on Sunday, September 17, at 7:30 p.m.

The Symposium dinner will take place on Thursday, September, 21 in the Restaurant in Tsaghkadzor.


The symposium excursions include the most beautiful and famous sites of Armenia. Dilijan city is located at north-east forest site of Armenia. It is separated from the rest of Armenia by the Pambak ridge. A long tunnel connects Dilijan with the rest of the country. This resort corner of Armenia is about 1258-1510 meters above the sea level, is hidden in a canyon, and is split by the river Aghstev. The city will captivate you with a picturesque beauty and a soft climate. The key gem of the place is the Haghartsin monastery hidden in a side valley and surrounded by a lunch beach forest.

Haghartsin is an ancient monastery in Tavush province of Armenia. The monastery complex was founded in X-XIII centuries and consists of several churches of St. Gregory, Holy Mother of God, and St. Stepan. The complex is a clear demonstration of harmony between the nature and the architecture.

Sevan Lake is the only source of still water in Armenia and the largest across the entire Caucasus. Sevan is located in a kind of mountain bowl, about 2 km above the sea level, and surrounded by craters of sleeping volcanoes. Sevan is an interesting historical place. The lake shores accommodate ancient Armenian monasteries Sevanavank and Airivank, and the largest Khachkar cemetery in Noratus village.

Symposium Fees

The registration fee is 400 Euro for participants (150 Euro for accompanying persons). The registration fee for participants covers a copy of the Book of Abstracts, Symposium programme, Coffee-breaks, Welcome party, Excursion, Symposium Dinner and Transportation from/to the airport. The registration fee for accompanying persons covers Welcome party, Excursion and Symposium dinner, transportation from/to the airport.

The participants can pay the symposium fee by bank transfer (requisites will be provided upon request) or at the registration desk in cash (no credit cards).

Limited funds will be available for young scientists and students. The applicants must register at the symposium, submit an abstract and send a request for support along with a recommendation letter from their supervisor to the Organizing Committee by 15 July 2023.

Accommodation will be arranged at the Yerevan State University Hotel in Tsaghkadzor (45 km from Yerevan). Accommodation conditions can be found in next table

YSU Resthous building


֏13000 - approx. 30 EUR

YSU Resthouse Entrance


֏15000 - approx. 35 EUR

YSU Resthouse room example


֏17000 - approx. 40 EUR

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