XII International symposium

Radiation from
Relativistic Electrons
in Periodic Structures

18-22 September 2017, DESY Hamburg, Germany

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Symposium Topics

  • General radiation properties from relativistic particles
  • Cherenkov radiation
  • Transition radiation
  • Parametric X-ray radiation (PXR)
  • Diffraction radiation and Smith-Purcell radiation
  • Coherent bremsstrahlung and channelling
  • Crystal-assisted processes
  • Applications of monochromatic X-ray, gamma-ray and Terahertz beams produced at electron accelerators

International Programme Committee

X. Artru (INP-Lyon, France), S. Dabagov (LNF, Italy), G. Kube (DESY, Germany), P. Karataev (RHUL, UK), T. Lefevre(CERN, Switzerland), A Mkrtchyan(IAPP, Armenia), A. Potylitsyn (TPU, Russia), N. Shul´ga (KIPT, Ukraine), M. Strikhanov (MEPhI, Russia), A.V. Tyukhtin (SPbSU, Russia), J. Urakawa (KEK, Japan)

Organizing Committee


Alexander Potylitsyn

Alexander Potylitsyn

TPU, Russia

Gero Kube

DESY, Germany

M. Bieler(DESY, Germany) A. Bogdanov (TPU, Russia), O Frank(DESY, Germany), A. Konkov(TPU, Russia), Ch. Oevermann(DESY, Germany), N Potylitsina-Kube(DESY, Germany), G. Priebe(DESY, Germany), L. Puzyrevich (TPU, Russia), A. Tishchenko (MEPhI, Russia), A. Wagner (TPU, Russia)