XI International symposium

Radiation from
Relativistic Electrons
in Periodic Structures

6-11 September 2015, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

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Symposium Topics

  1. General Aspects of Physical Phenomena and Processes Associated with Electromagnetic Radiation
  2. Transition Radiation
  3. Parametric X-Radiation
  4. Diffraction Radiation, Smith-Purcell Effect
  5. Coherent Bremsstrahlung and Channeling Radiation
  6. Monochromatic X- and Gamma Beams Produced at Electron Accelerators
  7. Processes with Crystalline Targets
  8. Advanced Generation of THz and X-ray beams

International Programme Committee

X. Artru (France), S. Dabagov (Italy), V.V. Fedorov (Russia), K. Ispirian(Armenia), A.D. Kanareykin (USA), P. Karataev (UK), G. Kube (Germany), A.R. Mkrtchyan (Armenia), A. Potylitsyn (Russia), N. Shul´ga (Ukraine), M.N. Strikhanov (Russia), A.V. Tyukhtin (Russia), J. Urakawa (Japan)

Organizing Committee


Alexander Potylitsyn

A. Potylitsyn

Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia

A.V. Tyukhtin

Saint Petersburg State University, Russia

T.Yu. Alekhina (SPbSU, Russia), A.A. Altmark (SPbETU "LETI", Russia), A.V. Bogdanov (TPU, Russia), S.N. Galyamin (SPbSU, Russia), L.V. Puzyrevich (TPU, Russia), A.A. Tishchenko (MEPhI, Russia), V.V. Vorobev (SPbSU, Russia), A.R. Wagner (TPU, Russia)