X International symposium

Radiation from
Relativistic Electrons
in Periodic Structures

23-28 September 2013, Lake Sevan, Armenia

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Symposium Topics

  1. General Properties of Radiation from Relativistic Particles
  2. Transition Radiation
  3. Parametric X- Radiation
  4. Diffraction Radiation, Smith-Purcell Effect
  5. Coherent Bremsstrahlung and Channeling Radiation
  6. X-Ray Scattering without and by Acoustic Superlattices
  7. Interaction of Particle Beams with Artificial Structures (Acoustic Superlattices, Metamaterials, etc.)
  8. Control of Parameters of Plasma by Acoustic Superlattices and Monochromatic Optical Radiation
  9. Application of Radiation Beams

International Advisory Committee

P.A. Aleksandrov (KI, Russia), R.O. Avakyan (YerPhI, Armenia), H.Backe (Germany), Yu.V. Gulyaev(IRE, Russia), S.G. Harutyunyan (SCS, Armenia), V.V. Kabanov (NAS, Belarus), Yu.M. Kagan (KI, Russia), M.V. Kovalchuk (KI, Russia), R.M. Martirosyan (NAS, Armenia), G.A. Mesyats (LPI RAS, Russia), A.R. Mkrtchyan (IAPP, Armenia), N.F. Shul'ga (KIPT, Ukraine), A. Snigirev (ESRF, France), M.N. Strikhanov (MEPhI, Russia), N.V. Tabiryan (USA)

International Programme Committee

X. Artru (France), S. Dabagov (Italy), V.V. Fedorov (Russia), K. Ispirian(Armenia), A.D. Kanareykin (USA), P. Karataev (UK), G. Kube (Germany), A.R. Mkrtchyan (Armenia), A. Potylitsyn (Russia), N. Shul´ga (Ukraine), M.N. Strikhanov (Russia), A.V. Tyukhtin (Russia), J. Urakawa (Japan)

Organizing Committee


Alexander Potylitsyn

A. Potylitsyn

Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia

A.K. Atanesyan (IAPP, Armenia), A. Bogdanov (TPU, Russia), L.Sh. Grigoryan (IAPP, Armenia), Haixiao Deng (Chaina), V.R. Kocharyan (IAPP, Armenia), L. Puzyrevich (TPU, Russia), A.A. Tishchenko (MEPhI, Russia), W. Wagner (HZDR, Germany)