XIV International symposium

Radiaton from
Relativistic Electrons
in Periodic Structures

13-17 December 2021, KEK (Tsukuba), Japan

About The Symposium

About The Symposium

he XIV International Symposium «Radiation from Relativistic Electrons in Periodic Structures» will be held in Tsukuba, Japan, December 13-17, 2021, and is organized by KEK: High Energy Accelerator Research Organization and Tomsk Polytechnic University.

The Symposium will focus on the following topics:

  • General radiation properties from relativistic particles
  • Cherenkov radiation
  • Transition radiation
  • Parametric X-ray radiation (PXR)
  • Diffraction radiation and Smith–Purcell radiation
  • Coherent bremsstrahlung and channelling
  • Crystal-assisted processes
  • Applications of monochromatic X-ray, γ-ray and Terahertz beams produced at electron accelerators


KEK (Tsukuba), Japan


Monday to Friday
13-17 December

Important!!! Pandemic Situation World-Wide

We are optimistic about organizing the RREPS’21 symposium in December 2021. However, our plans might be highly dependent on the pandemic. Hence, we will continue monitoring the COVID-19 evolution and keep you informed in case of any necessary change.

Programme Committee

X. Artru (INP-Lyon,France), A. Aryshev (KEK, Japan), S. Dabagov (LNF, Italy), P. Karataev (RHUL, UK), G. Kube (DESY, Germany), T. Lefevre (CERN, Switzerland), A. Potylitsyn (TPU, Russia), N. Shulga (KIPT, Ukraine), M. Strikhanov (MEPHI, Russia), A. Tyukhtin (SPbSU, Russia), J. Urakawa (KEK, Japan).

Organizing Committee



Junji Urakawa

KEK, Japan


Alexander Aryshev

Alexander Aryshev

KEK, Japan


A. Bogdanov (TPU, Russia), L. Puzyrevich (TPU, Russia), A. Tishchenko (MEPhI, Russia), and KEK local organizing team (KEK, Japan)